Can I Feed Five Thousand?

There once was a little boy. His mom would fix him a sack lunch every day so he could eat. He never really thought much of it and always enjoyed his sack lunch. He did not know it yet, but one day his sack lunch would become a miracle and radically change a city.

It is so easy to get stuck in a routine of life and take for granted our “sack lunch” we have been given. But what would happen if we lived our life the way this little boy did? Here are four lessons to learn from this little boy that, if done, can make a big difference…

1. He came prepared – This little boy knew what he had been given and brought it that day. He was equipped to be used by God because he came with what he needed personally: a lunch.
2. He was willing to share – He decided to serve in that moment rather than be selfish and keep his lunch for himself.
3. He was undaunted by the enormous need – He was not overwhelmed by the need in the moment. It would have been easy to think his lunch wasn’t enough and not offer it. But he knew what he had and wanted to serve, regardless the impact he thought it could make.
4. He must have believed that Jesus could use what he had – There was something inside of him that believed Jesus could perform a miracle. He didn’t have to have enough food, just enough faith.

Do you recognize what you have to offer? Do you come into everyday prepared? God has equipped you with a gift and talent and it is your job to have that ready for when God wants to use it.

You have to maintain a mindset that believes you have something to offer and that God will use it. The moment this happens, you will see miracles happen and cities being changed.


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