Creative Freedom

Being creative is energizing. When you come up with a successful idea or new design, it is thrilling and exciting. It just feels so good to be the one who designed that stage, or who painted that picture, or built that table. The moment you create, you want to show what you have created.

So how do we humble ourselves in creativity…?

If we are not careful, creating becomes all about us and not about the creation. You begin to see yourself as a better creator than everyone else and you are full of pride when people see your creation. You wait for them to tell you how great you are and how awesome your work is…It is easy to lose sight of how your creation can impact the world when you are so focused on bringing glory to yourself.

Creativity is a gift from God. God is the ultimate creator and he gives us the ability to create for Him. So it is our job to create and His job to receive the praise. This is a hard reality to come to grips with. We have to allow ourselves to be humbled and understand that we create because it brings life and growth, not status and recognition. One good way to keep from becoming self-absorbed is to surround yourself with other creators, artists, and builders so you can enjoy each other’s creations. Recognize the creative ability inside other people and you will begin to realize how creative God is. If you allow yourself to become self-absorbed, you will miss out on the true beauty of creating.

And remember… were once created…


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