Listening Leaders

Have you ever talked to so many people in one day that you stop hearing what the people say? Have you ever gotten so busy that your time with God lacks time for listening?

Leaders must listen…..

I want to give you two leadership thoughts when it comes to listening.

1. God needs to talk to you
As leaders, we need God. If we want to be successful in leadership, we must be led. God wants to speak to you about what to do. He can tell you what decisions to make. He can give insight to you about the systems that work. He can give you the exact words to say in those leadership moments.

2. People need you to hear them
As leaders, it can be hard to listen intently to every person who talks to us. But what if we did?
Those people could have the next great idea for your organization. Those people could have a problem that needs solved in order to get to the next level. That could be your moment to influence someone and point them in the right direction. A small conversation could do more than a big leadership meeting. It could influence more than a conference.

Leadership has to involve listening. So turn your ear to hear your God so that you can effectively hear your followers.


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