The Impact of Storytelling

There truly is an art to storytelling. Jesus mastered this concept and, as a result, captivated audiences regularly. I have come to realize, as I read the Bible more and more, that there are stories all throughout the Old and New Testament. Each one is unique and has different low points and high points. Each story is full of excitement, surprise, and anticipation. Each story communicates Jesus and His life changing power.

Today, the story is still one of the most powerful influences in our world. As I watch a show that has become a tv sensation, The Voice, they have learned to captivate the audience even before a singer gets on stage. They do this by showcasing the powerful, impactful stories of those singers. The ups and downs of their lives and how they have overcome tragedy and obstacles. You can watch a variety of different shows on tv and see the same process going on… The stories of ordinary people, inspiring millions all over the world.

So how do we utilize this idea in the church…?

It’s simple. The church has long been using this idea to celebrate what God is doing. Whether you call it a testimony or a praise report, it all shows that Jesus has changed someone’s life. In the church today, we should be doing whatever we can to share what Jesus is doing. Whether you verbally share testimonies during a service. Or you highlight someone’s story through a video recreation. The stories of people should be shared for the world to hear. For the world to see the power of Jesus Christ.

The most powerful tool we have as Christians is not some eye-catching flyer or a special event we put on. It’s the personal, life-changing story each one of us has. We must communicate our story so we can reflect the story of Jesus to the world….


One Reply to “The Impact of Storytelling”

  1. As a recent graduate of Columbia College with a major in Fiction Writing, your blog Storytelling was the final impetus I needed to write down my story. You, Pastor Ken and the entire Evangel community have been a part of my oral telling, and I know that Praise God! it has made an impact on the lives of those who have heard it. But now, it’s time for me to get down to business and use the talent and story God gave me to reach even more people for Christ. Thank you for sharing this vital impact.

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