Why Am I Doing What I’m Doing?

One question that tend to get overlooked in life is this:

Am I doing this because I’m good at it or because I love Jesus?

I am quickly learning in life that we, as humans, so easily depend on our own abilities rather than our commitment to Jesus. But why?

In our society today, we don’t allow ourselves to fall deeply in love with Jesus. We choose to stay on the surface level of the most life-changing relationship we can have. We have succumbed to a life of church-going and charity-giving through our own abilities. We manage businesses, organize finances, and have loads of meetings all to fuel our need of feeling important, busy, and good at what we do.

Everyone loves doing what they are good at because it allows them to feel successful, purposed, and receive the praise of others. But the challenge is learning to channel this through a deeper love of Jesus. There is nothing wrong with doing what you are good at, but in doing these things we must remember to see Jesus in the midst.

Here are 3 simple ways to know you are seeing Jesus in the things you do:

1. Take Time To See
This is more than just looking around…this is observation learning. Try to see how people live, the non-verbal communication they give, and the potential they have. When you take time to see, you are taking time to experience the full life that Jesus promised to us through him.

2. Take Time To Listen
This goes beyond what you hear…understanding comes when you learn to listen. Try to take in the sounds of the culture, the cries of desperation, and the heartfelt celebration. This will help you relate to others and grow your heart to be more like Jesus.

3. Take Time To Feel
This is more than what you personally feel…it is personally feeling what others feel. Try to embrace feelings of joy, hope, passion, pain, stress, and contentment in others.

By allowing yourself to take time for these values you will begin to see Jesus more frequently in the things you do. It will serve as a reminder to love Jesus more than you love your own abilities.


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