Simple Life Principle

Last night the Lord really broke into my life through a prayer experience in the altar of a conference I attended. It was one of the most intimate and special times I’ve had with the Lord in a while. And in the midst of this moment, he laid this simple principle on my heart.

Intimacy leads to transparency which will produce fervency in your life.

I believe that as we become more intimate with God, we will also become more transparent before him. We won’t try to hide things or be something we are not. And when we become more transparent, it will create in us a fervency for the Lord. We will be filled with more passion and zeal because our lives are visibly less satisfying without him.
I also believe this principle is true in our marriages, families, and friendships. We tend to live so carefully so that no one can see the junk or problems or even the hard times in our life. But this causes us to keep our relationships from being intimate, transparent, and passionate.

I want to encourage you to evaluate your relationship with God and your personal life to be sure you are allowing for times of intimacy. That way you can become more transparent and ultimately more fervent.


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