God instilled in us the ability to grieve and mourn, because God is also the source of all comfort and strength during those difficult times. The most encouraging thing we can hold onto during seasons of grief is that God is with us and wants to comfort us. He is the God of ALL comfort and is willing to turn your grief into praise.

Each person is designed to represent God in a specific way while on this Earth and no one shows this more clearly than John the Baptist. Jesus called him great, yet his life was lived trying to help others know the greatness of Jesus. He realized that he was “Born to Prepare.” There is no doubt that in the eyes of God, you are considered to be great…But does your life focus on making Jesus great in the eyes of others?

The bigger we get, as a church, the more powerful we become with the help of the Holy Spirit. But the less connected we are, the weaker we will be for the kingdom of God. We are the church, not just a crowd of people. It’s time we make the transition to be what God created us to be. Its time to Do Life Together as a church.

Everyone knows the danger of busyness. Everyone knows that a New Year means a fresh start. But what does that mean practically. What if God really did design us for something specific? What would happen if we started living on purpose this year? On this New Year’s day message, we look at the Essentialist Approach to living the life God wants us to live.

The proverbs are a collection of wise sayings that, although they were written in ancient times, their principles are for all people in every age, and every walk of life. This book reminds us that God is not only concerned with the big, cataclysmic events of our lives, but he also cares about the mundane, “invisible” moments of our lives as well. Listen to this message that talks about the purpose of the book of Proverbs.